What we do


  • Identification and analysis of global and local trends and their implications for business
  • Design of future scenarios and innovations for products, services and business models, for companies and sectors.

Knowledge building

  • Facilitating workshops, dialogue and the design and enhancement of a range of tools, using collaborative construction methodologies with multi-stakeholder groups, always focused on delivering business solutions
  • Benchmarks
  • Research and content  production

Strategy consulting

  • Analysis and development of sustainability strategies and management plans
  • Assessment and redesign of governance for sustainability

Behavior Change and Engagement

  • Customized workshops
  • Design of strategies and customized tools for influencing behavior, especially of consumers and employees
  • Pilot projects development, based on the Consumer Behavior Change Framework

Branding / Communications/ Networking

  • Branding
  • Strategic planning for communications and networking for sustainability
  • Training for suppliers of communications and marketing
  • Designing social media strategies focused on sustainability

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