Eight Sustainability Platform

We are not reinventing the wheel!

Eight Sustainability Platform is a global sustainability platform that builds business solutions based on partnerships and benchmarks, drawing on a network of leading organizations in the international sustainability space.

Eight is focused on the world of business and its work is always based on cooperation. It aspires to be a catalyst and to influence the transformation of current modes of production and consumption.

Our Work

Sustainable business solutions cannot be developed in an isolated way, either locally or globally. Responses to the issues faced today by companies around the world in the area of sustainable practices, relations and business models have to be anchored on shared solutions.

By building shared networks and by sharing innovations, as well as by analyzing existing examples and mechanisms, companies can and should be able to benefit from the experiences and contributions of their peers, stakeholders and partners. For companies to make rapid progress, as leaders and with the scale required, there is neither the time nor the need to “reinvent the wheel” each time they are faced with an issue to resolve.

To face those challenges Eight Sustainability Platform work on tends, knowledge building, strategy consulting, behavior change, branding and communication. It’s also works on specialized projects, and is especially focused on helping to deliver the scale and speed that are needed to change the paradigms of both companies and consumers.